Soccer Betting – The Footyforecast Method

Soccer Betting is a series of articles that portray some quickly known and dexterously used statistical techniques that will assist the soccer punter make more informed bets. Each of the techniques has its own advantages and disadvantages and using them in bitterness will complement your chances of winning. However, together they will prove invaluable in your scuffle moreover the bookies. In each article we will characterize in detail how a particular method works giving you allowable hint for you to build in the works and create your own forecasts. We will plus manage to pay for you opinion as to where you can already locate websites that use this technique in comprising their weekly soccer betting forecasts Free football prediction site.

The statistical methods described in this set of articles should avowal you before at a improved decision very approximately the acquiesce, or matches, that you are betting upon.

In this article we will be describing the Footyforecast method. The Footyforecast method was originally developed for the English Football Pools and attempts to eliminate those matches that will not be draws, leaving at the to the fore you when a shorter list of matches from which to prefer your 8 from 11. This method was introduced to the world in 1999 upon the original Footyforecast website (now This method is same to the Simple Sequence method which is described in option of our articles in this series.

Here are the basic rules…

For each team undertaking out the following, 1. Work out the quantity number of points obtained for the last N games. 2. Work out the maximum number of attainable points for the last N games. 3. Divide the firm number of points obtained by the maximum manageable and multiply by 100. 4. Calculate the predict value. In (1) and (2) above N games could be all the ablaze games for the residence side and all the away games for the away side. Alternatively N could be the last N games including every one of rest and away games for a team. The predict value is calculated when this.

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