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Since singer Ruslana won the Eurovision Pop Song Contest Ukrainian pop-music had become adeptly-liked throughout the world. People hear to Ukrainian pop-music once pleasure all more than the world hitet shqip 2018 popullore.

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Many Ukrainian pop singers – Sofia Rotaru, Iryna Bilyk, Oleksandr Ponomariov, VIA Gra, Ruslana, Ani Lorak, Nadezhda Granovskaya, Alena Vinnickaya, Anna Sedokova, Svetlana Loboda, Vera Brezhneva, Verka Serduchka have gained popularity outdoor Ukraine long period ago, especially in the Russia, USA, Japan and many European countries.

Ukrainian pop music was born a long era and in agony. Biographers did not repair the fiddle gone date of her birth, but many suggest that this date does not coincide in the by now the birthday of the independent Ukraine. Music was born a little earlier – in 1989 gone the first festival ‘Chervona Ruta’. This festival healed the secure together in the middle of conventional singers (Sofia Rotaru, Vladimir Ivasyuk) and a other appreciation of Ukrainian pop music.

Now become antique have distorted, and you can see count stars on performing – Ruslana, Ani Lorak, Svetlana Loboda, the life “Via Gra”, Alena Vinnickaya, Verka Serduchka. Today regarding the Ukrainian stage represented in the region of all musical styles: from folk to vitriolic jazz. Club culture is actively growing.

Ukrainian Star Factory opens subsidiary shiny talents, such as Dantes and Oleynik, Boris Aprel. Participants of the nimbly-known TV project are press at the forefront more and more girls’ hearts each hours of day.

Girls band “NikitA” and the singer Marta is the whole skillfully-liked musical projects. Marta – a long-lasting participant of various television and radio programs, a guest upon the most significant sporting and social activities, actively supports a variety of charitable and social activities.

NikitA is fabulous campaigner Ukrainian pop-charity, and was created for the attention of the male audience. NikitA is two-sex rushed girls, ready to con all the charms of their body and voice (Dasha Astafieva and Julia Kavtaradze).

Ukrainian pop music arose once the international popularity of groups taking into consideration Vopli Vidoplyasova, Vij, Okean Elzy, Via Gra et al. and individual musicians, such as Ani Lorak, Tina Karol, Alena Vinnickaya and Ruslana.

Also progresses Ukrainian stone music. Among the most amid ease-known groups – “Ocean Elzy”, “Vopli Vidoplyasova “, “TNMK”, “Skryabin”, Lama. Ukrainian Rock festivals surrounded by “Rock-Existence”, “Taras Bulba” are held regularly.

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