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Websites that are dependent approaching the subject of search engine traffic rely heavily regarding detailed keyword research to achieve their approach toward audience. Whether the resulting minister to is used for PPC, SEO or featured ads is all along the reduction. Simply put, if you nonexistence to treat badly search traffic, you dependence accurate data regarding the number of searches carried out for each particular keyword google rank checker api.

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Some companies will sub join up the keyword research to a specialist company and others will publicize yes it in-habitat. Regardless of who performs the research, a large number of people will primarily use the counsel provided by the Overture Keyword Assistant as the commencement of the project. I’ve been of the view for some period that the data Overture provides is often inflated, especially primary keywords. Recently I have been conducting tests to ascertain the exactness of Overtures data in an effort to prove my suspicions and to see how immense the difficulty is. The results hence far away away are habit sophisticated than what I stated.

The SEO Research

Approximately one year ago I set going on a auxiliary website focused going in story to for VoIP phone systems ( The website was built to rank deeply upon Yahoo for the search phrase “Phone System” and a number of progress keyword phrases. According to Overture the phrase “phone system” has 350,066 searches performed each month in the UK alone. The website is currently upon the first page of results in and in the peak three positions for Yahoo’s UK unaccompanied search.

With the keyword tool reporting this amount of searches and the websites approach, you would expect the site to be receiving a large volume of traffic. But to put it expediently, it does not. For example, greater than the last two months the site has on your own times-fortunate three visits from people searching for “phone system”.

This test is not real because the majority of searches for phone system could be performed upon unconventional engine that Overture pulls its results from furthermore MSN. But you would have to admit again that it’s not altogether likely. Especially by now you allow the site ranks in the peak three positions for the search phrase “phone system” upon MSN.

Overture’s keyword tool pulls its results from a number of sources, Yahoo and MSN swine the largest in terms of traffic. The site has a large number of severity three listings upon apparently high traffic friendly phrases e.g. IP Phone, Business Phone System, Office Phone System etc. still single-handedly receives a every one of little number of visitors.

Phantom Traffic

So what’s causing the very inflated number of impressions the tool returns? I can’t declare for determined but can certainly proclaim a few things that could be significantly contributing to the effect. I’m moreover going to aspire and coin a phrase here and call the phenomena “Phantom Traffic”, which helpfully means non-legal traffic or searches conducted for encroachment reasons than an actual genuine inclusion of finding a site relating to a keywords particular theme. I strongly endure both of the examples knocked out are affecting Overtures data and are contributors of phantom traffic.

1. Manual SEO Position checking

People manually checking the search results to ascertain a websites outlook. Search phrases that are perceived to be high traffic consenting in theory will have more people conducting optimisation and therefore more people manually checking their positions. More people manually checking their positions causes the number of impressions to be inflated (phantom traffic). This is self perpetuating; the more people checking results inflate the number of impressions, causing even more people to object the phrase and manually check their positions etc. etc. etc.

I’m certain this is impacting the Overture Keyword Suggestion tool significantly plenty to cause many sites to chase phantom traffic. I furthermore accept this to be the biggest contributing source of phantom traffic. Many webmasters manually check their rankings all day and some even more.

Auto Generated Pages Compiled from SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages)

Spam sites buildup keyword affluent content from the SERP’s. These sites will automatically query search engines for their most sort after keywords (probably researched via the Overture keyword protection tool). The sites automatically copy the results pages of the search engines which are intensely keyword focused. Quite often these sites will auto generate tens of thousands of pages, every one one single one focused upon a choose number of keyword variations. These keyword animated pages are normally buried quite deep in the site because they have no value to human visitors. Each page will be related using affluent anchor text and subsequently adding together the relevance urge in the region of to one of the main pages via an anchor text member.

The idea astern this SEO trick is simply to fabricate large amounts of optimised content that’s linked together in a favourable fashion. Some of the programming that goes into these kinds of practices can be altogether brilliant, while others are each and every one basic indeed. The burden is just about every page swine generated or regenerated for that matter is influencing Overtures data, unless the programmer is using an API key (which is unlikely).

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