Why company culture is important to employees

What do we mean by culture?

If you ask any business executive to define corporate culture, they will all give you a different response.

The truth is that business culture is difficult to define.

Essentially, its about the atmosphere and environment in the workplace. Company culture has become a hot topic, particularly as perceptions have shifted over the years. Now young, new workers put a stronger emphasis on culture, and if your business has a negative culture that impacts on the happiness of workers, you’ll find employees dropping out of your organisation and finding roles elsewhere. I

It’s not just about providing office fruit bowls, bean bags, or table tennis tables; it’s about shared values, inclusivity, wellbeing and it all trickles down from the conduct of a company’s leadership.

Some people believe that company culture relates to a firm’s purpose statement as well as its founders’ values and views.

Others define organizational culture as a collective force comprised of people, interactions, and the working environment. Many people refer to a company’s culture as its DNA, soul, or personality.

A positive corporate culture is built on trust, respect, and the ability for people to engage in shared ideals and enjoy what they do.

It’s a natural process that begins at the top and works its way down. It’s not something a company can buy into, but there are a variety of tools that may help you to evolve your process. Company culture, in our perspective, is similar to an ecosystem that

Why is video an effective marketing tool

Content marketing is well-known for being an effective way to promote your business and reach out to your target demographic.

One sort of content marketing that is gaining traction is video marketing. According to a poll conducted by Demand Metric, 83 percent of marketers say video is more important than ever before. WYZOwl studies show that 87 percent of enterprises use video for marketing.

The great thing about video content marketing is that it’s getting easier and easier to use. There is definitely something for everyone, even those without traditional video recording or editing expertise, thanks to the range of options available to marketers.

We’ll go through five reasons why video content marketing is more important today than it has ever been in this blog.


  1. Videos are a great way to show off your product.

Video footage is an excellent tool for assisting potential customers in understanding more about a product. 94 percent of marketers believe video content has benefited in boosting consumer knowledge of a product or service, according to WYZOwl.

Customers will only buy your products if they fully understand how they work and how they can benefit them. Video content’s visual element makes it easy for businesses to explain how things work, so it’s no surprise that it’s a great medium for this.


  1. Videos have a very high return on investment (ROI).

The quality of your videos, as well as how well you’ve organised your content strategy, will impact the return on investment of your

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Rookie Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

I’ve seen some of the same mistakes made over and over again in almost 20 years. As CMO of a leading marketing agency in Aberdeen I’ve been involved in hundreds of campaigns and worked with many clients across a diverse portfolio of industries.

And I’m not naive: I had to learn some of these lessons the hard way.

These blunders aren’t confined to tiny businesses; the big boys are also culpable.

Here are some mistakes to avoid, in no particular order, that I hope will save you money while also increasing your profits:

Scattershot messaging – Does the content on your company’s website match your elevator pitch, ad campaigns, and collateral? You’re squandering crucial opportunities to make your message memorable if you have six different versions of the same corporate descriptor floating around.

Amateur design – Sometimes what seems to be a simple design is actually done with great care by a true professional. Simple does not imply low-cost. Would you wear a shabby suit if you were going to be interviewed on Good Morning America? I don’t believe so.

Trying to sell to everyone — Contrary to popular opinion, your target market is not everyone. You supply a specific form of value to a specific type of individual. Pursue that individual. Dolce and Gabbana do not aim to sell gowns to everyone who wants to purchase a dress, and Tiffany does not try to sell jewels to everyone who wants to buy jewelry. Hyundai does not attempt to sell

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How Will AdWords Evolve

Many theories are circulating about what AdSense will look like in the future and how the system will evolve from its current state. To begin with, it is obvious that targeting algorithms will improve and become more powerful than they are currently. This has been plainly observed with the Google search engine in recent years, and it should come as no surprise when it comes to AdSense. Advertisers will appear in more relevant results, and those that alter their material to allow high-paying keywords to appear may find it difficult to do so unless the keywords are truly relevant to their content. More security for AdWords advertisers against click fraud is also a certain conclusion. Google recognises that this is a critical issue that has to be addressed as soon as possible, and there’s no doubt that it will. Those with a lot of traffic may quickly hide their IP addresses and enhance CTR right now ( Click Through Rate). Google is continually looking for ways to improve its products, as seen by AdSense. The search engine giant has implemented site-targeted AdSense CPMs, “smart pricing,” and domain banning, among other features, and there will almost certainly be more. One example is the advertiser’s ability to have more control over where their material is presented. This might result in your site being blocked from appearing on various websites that run AdSense advertisements. Another proposal is for Google to incorporate AdSense into other types of media such as newspapers, television, and so