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Rookie Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

I’ve seen some of the same mistakes made over and over again in almost 20 years. As CMO of a leading marketing agency in Aberdeen I’ve been involved in hundreds of campaigns and worked with many clients across a diverse portfolio of industries.

And I’m not naive: I had to learn some of these lessons the hard way.

These blunders aren’t confined to tiny businesses; the big boys are also culpable.

Here are some mistakes to avoid, in no particular order, that I hope will save you money while also increasing your profits:

Scattershot messaging – Does the content on your company’s website match your elevator pitch, ad campaigns, and collateral? You’re squandering crucial opportunities to make your message memorable if you have six different versions of the same corporate descriptor floating around.

Amateur design – Sometimes what seems to be a simple design is actually done with great care by a true professional. Simple does not imply low-cost. Would you wear a shabby suit if you were going to be interviewed on Good Morning America? I don’t believe so.

Trying to sell to everyone — Contrary to popular opinion, your target market is not everyone. You supply a specific form of value to a specific type of individual. Pursue that individual. Dolce and Gabbana do not aim to sell gowns to everyone who wants to purchase a dress, and Tiffany does not try to sell jewels to everyone who wants to buy jewelry. Hyundai does not attempt to sell